Walking and LDL Cholesterol.

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Walking and LDL Cholesterol


How does walking or jogging lower my LDL cholesterol level?


There is a large body of evidence that demonstrates the fact that regular exercisers have less cardiovascular disease. Regular exercise lowers blood pressure and helps regulate body weight resulting in less diabetes. However, many studies have shown that most workouts fail to lower LDL, and only vigorous exercise can raise HDL cholesterol. So we shouldn’t guarantee that walking everyday will lower LDL cholesterol. However……….

A recent Duke University study published in the Nov. 6 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine (USA), found that even modest exercise, like walking everyday, changed the size and density of cholesterol carrying proteins in the body. Cholesterol circulates through the body by attaching to protein particles. Cholesterol appears more likely to clog arteries when it is transported by small dense protein particles. The study revealed that regular exercise produces bigger transport proteins that reduce the potential risk of cholesterol even if the cholesterol level remains the same. It seems it is exercise’s ability to change the size and density of cholesterol- carrying protein that results in less damage.

There are other factors to consider, such as dietary reduction of saturated fat and possibly prescription medication. However, given the latest research evidence, it is encouraging to know that significant LDL transportation improvements can occur, with a moderate and regular activity based routine.

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