Why use a Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainers are employed for a variety of reasons, ranging from health issues to more sport specific goals.

Think about your current health & exercise level, your fitness, or your current lifestyle. Are you where you would like to be?

As a nation we watch TV an average of 3-4 hours a day. Many of us sit at computers all day, use our cars or public transport to travel almost everywhere we go and are not overly concerned about our dietary habits. This is often all excused as the ‘modern way of living’. So why not change the way you live? Why not have better health, be fitter and look better? A healthier, fitter you, could be the key to a more confident, more energetic, and less stressed you… not to mention opening up new possibilities and opportunities for your lifestyle….

Why choose a 3dlife Personal Trainer?

A 3dlife Personal Trainer will help you get the most from your health and exercise. They will, advise, encourage and motivate you to progress and improve. They will keep you informed and interested and they are there to share the pain (well almost). Just putting the appointment in your diary is likely to help you and their experience and knowledge will ensure that you reach your chosen goals safely and steadily.
3dlife personal trainers are fully qualified, registered and insured and have over 10 years experience in the industry.
So, if you are new to exercise, have a specific goal in mind, or have reached a level and are looking for the next step, “3dlife” are here to help.

What benefit will I get from a 3dlife personal training program?

Often the first question we get asked! The fact that you are reading this page means you are probably interested in your current health and fitness. But, what do you think you need help with? Improving your fitness levels, rehabilitation after an illness or operation, losing a few pounds; improving your general health, or even training for a marathon?

The benefits of personal training with an experienced and qualified “3dlife” personal trainer, are that they will:

• Assess your health and fitness history, along with your current level.
• Consider your lifestyle, commitments and goals.
• Devise an individually tailored plan to help you achieve those goals quickly and safely.

The physiological benefits can include:

• A decreased risk of heart disease
• A decrease In body fat
• A decrease in blood pressure
• Improvement in physiological function
• Improvement in aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance
• Improvement in flexibility
• Increased bone density
• Increased joint stability.

If any of these things are important to you and you would like some further information, please get in touch at your earliest convenience for a free 30 min consultation and information pack.