Jonny Will

Scottish born founder of Combat Conditioning Systems and creator of “The Program”, Jonny is a fully qualified Sports Scientist, Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning Coach, Paramedic and Martial Arts Instructor. With twenty four years experience in the leisure industry Jonny has worked as an Outdoor Activity Instructor, been Manager of three large leisure facilities and has over a decade in fitness program design, personal training and group exercise. Having competed internationally as a kick boxer Jonny has held several titles including British and European Champion and has gone on to coach producing three British champions so far. Recently retrained as a Paramedic Jonny was struck by the disparity in the health and quality of life patients experience in older life. Having witnessed life and death on the streets of London, Jonny had the realisation that many of the patients that he could not save as a paramedic, he could have saved as a personal trainer with the appropriate interventions and lifestyle changes.


“Investing in our health is as, if not more important than mortgages or pensions if you are to enjoy a long and healthy retirement, I now realise that it’s not all about performance and sexy six packs, it’s about health, longevity and quality of life and we surely all deserve that”.