Patricia Williams. Blackheath, London:

Frazar Norton of 3dlife was recommended to me in 2003 by SAGA Magazine when I became a ’guinea pig’ for their diet and fitness programme. At that stage I was overweight, doing no exercise and was barely capable of running for a bus.

Frazar helped me with advice on nutrition, healthy living options and a programme of exercise including jogging, gym ball exercises and some simple exercise with weights. As a result I lost over two stone and have built up through several 5K ‘fun runs’ to being able jog all the way in 10K runs. I have lowered my blood pressure, eat more healthily and feel so much fitter.

I still train with Frazar once a week and on our runs have learned so much about the locality as well as rediscovering two nearby parks that I was always too busy to visit. I am looking forward to another 10K in a  few months time. I have a very busy  and tiring working life: Frazar has taught me that it is important for everyone to keep fit and to have a little special “time for themselves.    

Daron Pearce. Sevenoaks, Kent:

“I have been training with Frazar since 2006. I have a fairly demanding job in the city and I need to be able to fit my training in at particular times of the week. Frazar’s flexibility is worth mentioning and it has helped my training continuity tremendously. I also have very specific goals which we address at every session. I have learnt a great deal about my exercise, diet and also how my lifestyle can affect my goals! Frazar’s professional but personal approach, coupled with his extensive knowledge really works and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him to anyone who’s serious about reaching their health and fitness goals.

Debbie Callow. Shortlands, Kent:

If you’re looking for a trainer with the emphasis on personal, Frazar is definitely worthy of the task. We started in 2004 and I am still training with him regularily today. With Individually tailored sessions to fit around both your needs and work schedule, his knowledge and motivation are an essential tool to helping me remain commited to fitness.

RM. Ide Hill, Kent:

Utterly reliable. If you want a mean Marine to make you lose 10 lbs in two weeks, Frazar is not the person for you. If, on the other hand, you want a sustainable improvement in your fitness without risking injury, Frazar is a good choice. I have used him for 4 years and my resting heart rate has dropped from 72 to 58, and I lost nearly 40 lbs. He coaxes you along and is very even tempered. I am 54 years old and not the keenest runner but we manage, together, to get our business over and done with on a regular basis. Moreover, I have had only niggly injuries.

Alison Haworth, Sevenoaks:

I can wholeheartedly recommend Frazar Norton. He is professional, knowledgeable, experienced and great fun.

I have never been motivated by the gym, never enjoyed weekly `body torture` classes, I hadn`t run for a year or two (the one thing I`d enjoyed) and I felt I had reached a now or never moment in my life. From the first session with Frazar I knew that I`d found something that would work for me. Frazar is very knowledgeable in respect to the mechanics of the body and specific exercises for individual needs and goals. It is one thing to be told what do to by someone but it is just as important to understand why you`re doing it. My weekly sessions with Frazar always work towards my individual goals and I have an exercise plan which I enjoy and feel motivated to follow. As I improve my plan is altered is adapted to suit.

Frazar covers all aspects of health and fitness and we have discussed my nutritional requirements. Frazar is well informed about current nutritional trends and research. I do not feel like I am dieting and I never feel like I am being deprived of a little of what I like. I simply think a little more about what I eat.

Thanks to Frazar’s patient, personable and fun approach I am now running 3 or 4 times a week, boxing and learning to love my Swiss ball (something I thought would never happen). I really look forward to my weekly sessions. I am also back in my skinny jeans!!