Some Top Tips for Preventing Shin Pain:

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  1. Don’t over train, particularly if you are changing training surfaces. Pitches become hard at this time of year and athletes increase track time. Amateur Tennis players head for the courts more and more etc…. Take it easy until you have adjusted to the new surface conditions and/or activity duration.
  2. Running on your toes can also contribute to shin pain. Impossible to avoid if you are a sprinter so be careful not to train too much too soon.
  3. Get a biomechanical analysis to identify any problems and ensure you have the correct shoes for your running style. Depending on your feet an arch support or othotic insole may be suitable. If your shoes are more than 6 months old they may need replacing.
  4. Wear shock absorbing insoles which can either replace a tired insole or be inserted as well if the existing insole cannot be removed.
  5. Wear a specialist shin splint wrap which can help relieve pain and support the area.
  6. Regular stretching and sports massage, particularly to the calf muscles can keep them in good condition and help avoid shin pain.
  7. If you have the early signs of shin pain then apply cold therapy after training and see a therapist who can give a correct diagnosis and advise further.

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