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Take the HIIT in 2020..!
2 January 2020, No Comments

Take the HIIT in 2020..! HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It sounds painful, and it can be, but don’t ...

The Total Beginner’s Quick Guide To Running
20 November 2019, No Comments

“What do you know now, that you wish you knew when you started running?” We asked this question to a numbe ...

Some Top Tips for Preventing Shin Pain:
20 September 2019, No Comments

Don’t over train, particularly if you are changing training surfaces. Pitches become hard at this time of year and ...

LDL Cholesterol and Exercise;
17 September 2019, No Comments

Walking and LDL Cholesterol; Question; How does walking or jogging lower my LDL cholesterol level? Answer; There is a la ...

Tabata Training Now Available.
9 September 2015, Comments Off

Hi Troops, News Flash..! The all new 20 minute “HIIT” workout has been launched at http://www.perfect-form.n ...

3dlife Personal Training is now at VO2 private studio…
6 September 2015, No Comments

2014 is upon us! 3dlife Personal Training is now training clients at VO2 private gym near Sevenoaks..! “Perfect Fo ...

The Running Shoe Debate
3 September 2015, No Comments

New research on “Natural/Barefoot” running technology is dividing the running community… The Running S ...

Mont Blanc ascent training program
15 August 2013, No Comments

Make no mistake, ascending, (and descending) a mountain of some 4807m is nothing short of a great achievement. As with m ...

Health and Fitness Advice
7 August 2013, No Comments

A Consumer Guide to Exercise Adherence Staying with your health and fitness plan is not as hard as you think. When you g ...