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Lockdown Homeostasis.
24 March 2020, No Comments

Lockdown Homeostasis Ideas: ‘The definition of homeostasis is the ability or tendency to maintain internal stability ...

Beating the January Blues
3 January 2020, No Comments

Predictably, the New Year has arrived and, inevitably, January has come around again. We all had our ups and downs throu ...

Stress Management;
21 September 2019, No Comments

A little bit of stress isn’t a bad thing: it mobilises our bodies and energises us during the coping process. But ...

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How do you cope..?
6 August 2019, No Comments

Do you have any coping strategies..? August 2019. Not that long ago, I was put forward for a six month pain management p ...

Exercise Adherence into March and beyond..
22 February 2017, No Comments

February Fighters The mornings are getting a little lighter and there’s slightly less frost on our windscreens, which ...

Walking and LDL Cholesterol.
1 September 2015, No Comments

Walking and LDL Cholesterol Question; How does walking or jogging lower my LDL cholesterol level? Answer; There is a lar ...

Interesting Research
6 September 2013, No Comments

For London Ambulance Service, Student Paramedic Course Can the LAS deliver health promotion? – Leading by example ...

Sleep, Water & Food
6 August 2013, No Comments

Let’s begin by recognising that there are many great practitioners of the industry (s) (MD’s, ND’s, DC’s, PT’s ...

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3dlife Personal Training 10 Year Anniversary!
18 July 2013, No Comments

3dlife personal Training has been up and running (pardon the pun) for ten years! It’s been a fantastic, fun packed ...