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Exercise Adherence into March and beyond..
22 February 2017, No Comments

February Fighters The mornings are getting a little lighter and there’s slightly less frost on our windscreens, which ...

Tabata Training Now Available.
9 September 2015, Comments Off

Hi Troops, News Flash..! The all new 20 minute “HIIT” workout has been launched at http://www.perfect-form.n ...

3dlife Personal Training is now at VO2 private studio…
6 September 2015, No Comments

2014 is upon us! 3dlife Personal Training is now training clients at VO2 private gym near Sevenoaks..! “Perfect Fo ...

Are you drinking enough?
5 September 2015, No Comments

It’s very important to make sure we are drinking enough. Our bodies need water or other fluids to work properly. W ...

Walking and LDL Cholesterol.
1 September 2015, No Comments

Walking and LDL Cholesterol Question; How does walking or jogging lower my LDL cholesterol level? Answer; There is a lar ...

Dietary Components: Some requested Info;
1 September 2015, No Comments

Dietary Components  Food contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water, vitamins, and minerals. Nutrition is the way ou ...

Interesting Research
6 September 2013, No Comments

For London Ambulance Service, Student Paramedic Course Can the LAS deliver health promotion? – Leading by example ...

Mont Blanc ascent training program
15 August 2013, No Comments

Make no mistake, ascending, (and descending) a mountain of some 4807m is nothing short of a great achievement. As with m ...

Health and Fitness Advice
7 August 2013, No Comments

A Consumer Guide to Exercise Adherence Staying with your health and fitness plan is not as hard as you think. When you g ...

Sleep, Water & Food
6 August 2013, No Comments

Let’s begin by recognising that there are many great practitioners of the industry (s) (MD’s, ND’s, DC’s, PT’s ...